About Us

It's pretty simple: We carry high quality products from the best brands at the lowest price, ship same day, and provide quick & friendly customer service. We also ship international and enjoy fulfilling bulk orders for customers in Australia, Japan, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. Most of the gear you'll see in our store is from surplus international orders.
For international customers outside the USA, we can order anything on the gear market and ship it to you for exact cost - we do not profit off shipping. Most customers like to consolidate gear orders between friends and family to combine shipping costs and receive everything in one package.
We are a small business that really strives to be more than just buying and selling. We have formed many friendships with international clients and refer to them as friends, not customers. It's always great to get photos of all of you out in the backcountry using the gear we shipped you!
When not working at the shop, we're out exploring the gorges, waterfalls, and woodlands of the Finger Lakes Region, New York.
Genesee River Gorge, Letchworth State Park, NY