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Sawyer MINI Water Filtration System

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Be prepared with the inexpensive Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System. This tiny lifesaver filters up to 100,000 gallons of water until it craps out―that's thirty times more than comparable filters. Until the apocalypse strikes, you take this lightweight and fast filter out backpacking, camping, hiking, traveling, and basically anywhere you might get parched.

Sawyer's filters are certified for Absolute Microns, making it impossible for harmful bacteria, portozoa, or cysts like E. coli, giardia, vibrio cholerae, and salmonella to pass through. It's super-quick and easy to use without the need of pumping or chemicals. Fill up disposable water bottles, an included drinking pouch, and hydration packs with ease. Heck, if you're really thirsty, just take a straw and go to town on some of the freshest water you can find when you're up in the mountains by a beautiful stream.

  • 0.10 Micron Absolute
  • Exceeds EPA standards
  • Includes drinking pouch (16 oz.)
  • Compatible with disposable water bottles, hydration packs, or a straw
Filter Material: hollow fiber
Purifying Element: filter (0.02 micron)
Cartridge Life: 100,000 gal
Compatibility: included drinking pouch (16 oz.), water bottles, hydration packs, straw
Claimed Weight: 2 oz